Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff

Yang Wang X Zhenzhen Qi


Yang Wang is a new media artist and creative technologist. He was born and raised in mainland China. He developed a keen interest in philosophy and art under the influence of his parents when he was in middle school. He went to Beijing to study artistic design At 2012; he went to New York University to study new media arts. He gained his experience in creative coding and digital fabrication from I.T.P (Interactive Telecommunication Program.

Zhenzhen Qi is an artist, researcher, and designer. Born in mainland China, she has lived in Hong Kong, San Francisco, and most recently New York. She is the co-founder and principal designer of NY based design studio, ZZYW.

Both growing up in China, Yang and Zhenzhen experienced the economy booming and rapid life changing from 90s to 2010s in Mainland China, as well as the all the weirdness and utterly intense competition between modern young Chinese people. In their work, they employ the emerging new media technologist like biofeedback virtual reality, 3d printing to create immersive and surreal experience for their audience. In the virtual world they created for the audience, the reality is shifted, assumptions are broken, the boundary between the outside world and inner self is blurred. By the experience, the artists bring up the questions, how human identify itself, how we could learn about what we don’t know, how knowledge is possible.

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