Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff

What We Offer

Living space
You’ll be getting a room in one of two newly renovated two bedroom apartments a historic building in downtown Spokane. It’s pretty swanky.

You also get tickets to all the shows at the Bartlett, the concert venue on the first floor. Which you should take advantage of, since you’ll be listening to it either way – it’s an old structure, and if the band is loud, the building is loud. But the shows all end at 11, so there’s that, and the space faces an internal courtyard, so street noise isn’t a problem.

Also, although we love pets, our building doesn’t allow for them, so you’ll have to leave your cat/lizard/dolphin at home.

Work space
We have an assortment of studio spaces on the floor below you, super raw, ready for whatever you’d like to do to them. As long as it’s not like, super destructive, we want you to make the space your own, so it lives and evolves as residents come and go. As we grow and expand, our selection of studios and spaces is changing, but we’ll make sure you have the space you need to do the work you want to do.

Show space
We try and arrange showing opportunities for all of our artists in a variety of spaces, from galleries to storefronts to back alleys, depending on what’s a good fit for your piece.

Just because you eat, sleep, and breathe code doesn’t mean you don’t actually eat food. You’ll get $200 a month while you’re here to help out with that. However, due to US immigration law, we are unfortunately unable to offer the stipend to international applicants without work authorization visas.

We’ve got lots of projectors, Kinects, VR goggles, Arduinos, and whatever else lying around. If that’s not enough, we’re often willing to buy new tools if they’ll help you make something awesome and if they’ll be useful for other artists coming through the program.

You’ll also have as much one-on-one consulting and help from our director as you want. Chatham has been doing interactive art specifically for 3 years, and before that was working in interaction and interface design, with an emphasis on physical computing and novel user interactions. It’s basically having a free engineer on-call to help you figure out the technical details of your work. We’re also connected to a wide variety of audio engineers, painters, singers, programmers, and if we don’t already know who to talk to about your problem du jour, we’ll find them.

Our network in Spokane run deep, and we’d love to connect you with the cool people doing awesome work here. We operate out of the Richmond Art Collective, so you’ll be surrounded by local artists. We also work closely with local universities and community spaces to offer opportunities to give talks and classes. We also currently have four residential slots at any given time, so you’ll also have those artists to work with. In addition to your residency-mates, we’re also trying to build an online community of alumni for the program, and we’ll try and make connections between you and other people doing cool things related to what you do.

Residency Room