Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff

Summer Residency Resource

For our Summer ’18 session, we’re interested in projects and proposals that explore our region, so we’ve done a bit of pre-exploring for you! We’ve talked with our partners at the Library, at Visit Spokane, and others, and here are some of the sights, history, and pieces of our region we find fascinating. We’re based in Spokane, so this list is going to be kind of Spokane-centric. Still, we’re interested in our whole region, from the Cascade mountains in the west to the Rocky Mountains in the east.


Important to note, especially for those outside our region, Seattle and western Washington are NOT in our region of interest, so we don’t want to see a bunch of proposals about rainy weather – we’re actually borderline desert out here. Also, be careful if you’re interested in exploring Native American culture, since the most internationally-prominent Pacific Northwest indigenous culture (formlines and totem poles) tends to come from coastal tribes, vs. our local plateau tribes.

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