Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff


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SexCakeMonster is a costume and performance team based in Melbourne, Australia and comprised of Lolly Ruby Redpath and Sorjeri Tane. These two creatives met in 2010, surrounded by giant dragons in an airline hanger and working for the Creature Technology Company and Dreamworks. Their mutual love for the beautiful and the grotesque, the colourful and the natural set them on a path of creation that incorporates costume, fashion, puppetry and performance. Through their work, SexCakeMonster seek to integrate the complex beautiful elements of nature with the human form. They delight in highlighting the ridiculous and awkward aspects of our natural world, as well as reveling in the awe inspiring beauty offered to us. Their work is highly influenced by process, materials and collaborative efforts and supported by a decade of technical fabrication skills. Most recently they have begun to incorporate led technology into their costumes with a focus on creating suspension of disbelief within spectacle.

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