Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff


Richard Hoagland

Richard Hoagland

Richard Hoagland uses digital game development, hardware reappropriation, emerging technology, and play to create interactive systems.

Currently, Richard’s focus is on recontextualizing hardware and software to explore how emerging technologies affect our interpersonal, spatial, and temporal relationships.

Richard’s work has been exhibited at events such as IndieCade, ALT.CTRL.GDC, FILE, and Smithsonian Indie Arcade. He lives in Kentucky most of the year.

Keenan Bennett

Keenan Bennett

Keenan Bennett in an interdisciplinary visual and performance artist based in Philadelphia. He holds an MFA from University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Studio Art from St. Olaf College. He is a member of the William Way LGBT Community Center Art Gallery Committee of the Board of Directors and was a graduate lecturer at the Institute of Contemporary Art. He has been included in exhibitions at Space 1026, Philadelphia PA; New Boon(e), Philadelphia PA; Viridian Artists, New York NY; The Greenpoint Gallery, New York NY; and MAMA Gallery, Los Angeles CA. His participatory performance project Service Art was awarded a First Night grant by FIGMENT two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014. He was an Artist in Residence at Vermont Studio Center, Officina Stamperia Del Notaio, and Ox-Bow in 2017.


Tomer Baruch

Tomer Baruch - picture by Anastasya Romanovsky

Tomer Baruch is an interdisciplinary musician with an interest in a wide variety of genres, ranging from popular music to jazz, post-african and experimental electronic music. He has studied piano at the Jerusalem Music Academy and Sonology at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague, released two critically acclaimed solo albums (“The Nature of Not Knowing” and “Four Lullabies”) and several others with various bands and ensembles. In addition, he regularly composes music for theatre, film and animation.


Laura Asher

Laura Asher

Laura Asher is an engineer and artist, making and conducting research in computational craft. Her work seeks to secure a place for craft in our technological future by exploring how traditional techniques can augment computational ones. Her interests lie in learning how technology and craft can be combined to create new interactions as well as solutions for problems our culture faces today. She makes paper devices, interactive paper sculptures, and page-based interactions: employing centuries-old  techniques alongside code written yesterday.
Laura holds an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland, and is currently a student in Carnegie Mellon's Master of Tangible Interaction Design program. Between studenthood, Laura was a creative developer in San Diego, CA for the company Sosolimited. conjures a precise and clearly definite understanding of life’s concept.

The art project was born in an attempt to establish a definition of evisceration of conventional dogmas and values.
In 2016 two artists joined together to create projects that could push the meaning of clarity to the limits in terms of modern generative art.
Both of the artist feel that is a foundation that provides an opportunity for infinite creativity.

Kristina and Sasha were born in St. Petersburg.

Kristina, a media artist/designer, has been actively making installations and audiovisual performances since 2015. She often brings multidimensional features to her works of art such as integrating performers (“Nothingness”) and theatrical acts (“Evgeniy Onegin” Brusnikin) into her installations.

Alexander is the co-founder of Tundra collective which produce large-scale audio-visual installations.
They also participated in many international festivals and exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Indonesia, USA, Korea.


Max Stein

Max Stein is a media artist based in Montréal. His work explores urban spaces through site-specific performances, installation art, and online mapping.
Stein designed and runs the Montréal Sound Map (2008-present), and has collaborated on other sound mapping projects including TSIKAYA, San Francisco Bay Area Sound Map, Oljud Sthlm, Portland Sound Map, Belfast Sound Map, My Favorite Brussels Sound, and the Soundprint Archive.
As a frequent collaborator with sound artist and musician, Jen Reimer, he has created in-situ performances and installations in resonant spaces around the world. Most recently, they launched an online exhibition of urban environments in Montréal called Sounding the City.
He has presented sound installations and performances for various Montréal festivals and series (Mutek, Suoni Per il Popolo, POP Montreal, Nuit Blanche, HOWL, Innovations en concert, Journées de la culture, HTMLLES, Phenomena) at galleries and venues including OBORO, Société des arts technologiques (SAT), Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec (BANQ), Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Espace Projet, Espace Cercle Carré. Stein has also presented work abroad in New York (MATA / 24 Hour Drone), Vancouver, Saskatoon (Sounds Like Festival), Toronto (NAISA), Meaford (Electric Eclectics), Lisbon/Barcelona/Marseille (Sound Development City), Iceland (NES), Helsinki (Äänen Lumo), Verona (PATH Festival), Venice (Live Arts Cultures), Milan (MADAM), Lausanne (Les Digitales), Winnipeg (send+receive), Barcelona (MUTEK España), and Sāo Miguel (Invisible Places).



The L:ED is a Laboratory for Experiments in Digital. It was co-founded in 2013 by Dorianne Wotton and Exomène. L: ED is working on the relationship between image, sound and space, trying to erase the line between on the one hand, the virtual and real spaces, and on the other hand, artistic media.
The group aims to promote the creation, promotion and distribution of multimedia artistic works. The art direction is based on multidisciplinary performances and installations.
Each project tends to mix the disciplines, to highlight the tenuous nature of the borders between them for the artists and the spectators to get rich intermingling of these. Thus L:ED regularly partners with many artists and performers (dancers, actors, musicians, etc.) to propose new performance incorporating interactive technologies.

The guideline of the work in L:ED is hacking in the first sense : diversion of objects and things of the purpose for which they were designed in order to divert preconceptions. In addition, I am working on confusion, mental disorder and its manifestations. Finally, we live in a highly connected world where the border between the real and the virtual is becoming increasingly blurred. Our new universe is impalpable, intangible, immaterial and volatile. It is a new home for the spirit, which shatters all physical boundaries.

In our vision of digital art, it takes more than a computer to make a work digital. Digital workshops, interactive installations, immersive video mapping, digital shows and performances, vjing, motion design… we do everything it takes to explore all the unsuspected depths of the “digital”.

Hiromi Okumura

Hiromi Okumura

Hiromi Okumura is a visual and performance artist. She received MFA at Iowa State University.

Her work has been shown and collected internationally.  She is a Fine Arts faculty at Washington State University.

Valerie Williams

Valerie Williams

Valerie Williams has been dancing professionally in modern dance, musical theater, opera and Renaissance dance in North America and Europe since 1973. Artistic director of Co'Motion Dance Theater since 1978, Ms. Williams also researches early dance and performs with Musica Antiqua. She has studied with a variety of master teachers, at the Wisconsin College Conservatory, New York University, and completed a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction at Iowa State University. She uses the sensor system she developed to telling effect in her recent works, such as Flow. Her choreographic work, which includes modern dance works, musical theater, mixed media performance and virtual reality, has been presented in theaters across the upper Midwest of the USA, New York City, Italy, France, and in a regular season since 1993 at the City Auditorium in Ames, Iowa. As a social dance expert, her knowledge has been sought on subjects from Spanish medieval dances to contemporary Swing and she is sought after teacher for Argentine Tango. As rehearsal director for Bill T. Jones/Arnice Zane Dance Company, Ms. Williams worked at the Spoleto Festival in Italy, the International Festival of Dance in Montpellier, France, and for several of the company's seasons in NYC. She has choreographed and rehearsed dances for the Lyon Opera Ballet, traveled to Rome, Italy to set her production of Divine Liturgy on dancers of Teatro Studio, and to New Zealand to teach master classes at the University of Canterbury. The focus of her artistic work at present lies in the dialogue between dance and new technologies. In 2000, she was selected Ames “Local Treasure”. An active member of the arts community, she donates time to arts agencies, serves as a panelist for various Arts Councils and agencies and enthusiastically advocates for dance.



Sangjun Yoo

Sangjun Yoo

Sangjun, Yoo is a graduate student in DXARTS Ph.D program at the University of Washington. He holds MFA in Art with honors from the State University of New York at Buffalo and two BFA degrees in Design and Technology at Parsons the New School and Multimedia Design at Hansung University in South Korea. He has four years of working experience at the global design agencies, including MTV. Sangjun’s work has been most influenced by his experiences of travel, which have included media-art certification at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne in Germany, also artist’s residencies in New York City and Buffalo. These experiences have inspired the strain of his current work in installation and new media art, which is influenced by phenomenology and infused with an account of existence.
Sangjun regularly exhibits his work internationally, with international group exhibitions including those in South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, and Germany amongst others. The artist’s solo and group exhibitions have among them those at Kobe Biennale 2013 in Japan, Zentrum fur Kunst Medien in Karlsruhe, Germany, Culture Hub Art & Technology Center in NYC, Governor’s Island International Art Fair, FILE2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Kumho Art museum in Seoul. His work has also been featured in multiple reviews, such as The Creator’s Project, FastCo-Design, Frame Magazine and broadcasted media.

Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White

Elizabeth is a choreographer and digital performance artist who uses creative programing to map concepts in movement and dance to live forms of interaction. Her work is an ongoing study of how technology can be used to converge multidisciplinary art forms into one expressive intersection.

Elizabeth is currently pursuing a Master of Professional Studies in Interactive Telecommunications through New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Prior to her graduate studies, she received a Bachelor of Arts at Fordham University, where she studied Visual Arts including drawing, film, photography and graphic design, while also training in contemporary dance through the Professional Division at The Alvin Ailey Dance School.

While pursuing her masters, Elizabeth also teaches and choreographs at The Academy of Dance Arts in New Jersey, where she works with students to create original pieces that merge out of the intersection of dance and technology.

Rossina Bossio

Rossina Bossio

Rossina Bossio is a multidisciplinary artist from Bogota, Colombia. She studied Visual Arts at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in her hometown and Fine Arts at L’École des Beaux-Arts in Rennes, France. Her work, which ranges from painting and drawing to video, has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei (MoCA), The Imperial City Art Museum in Beijing (BAMOIC); the Grand Palais in Paris; the Tribeca Cinemas in New York; and the Museo Santa Clara in Bogota, among others.

Bossio’s multidisciplinary practice brings together traditional and new media, aiming to close the gap between the two through a representational approach. Prioritizing both the conceptual and the aesthetical, her work has evolved around the human figure. Her portraits are complex, ambiguous, and reflect an endless quest around the paradoxes of the human condition. The beauty of her subjects –mainly women– is not complacent or sweet: it is visceral and ambiguous; it is the kind of beauty that confronts the viewer while subverting taboos and stereotypes.

For her multimedia projects, the artist has directed, collaborated and worked alongside international artists in the fields of music, dance, film, photography and costume design. The desire to combine her paintings with other artistic forms is rooted in her strong belief that art should be corporeal. She seeks to surround the viewer from all possible angles, with static and moving images as well as music and enveloping atmospheres, in order to facilitate a highly emotional and aesthetical experience.

Deirdre O'Toole

Deirdre O'Toole

Deirdre O’Toole is a professional filmmaker, cinematographer, and lecturer in the National Film School of Ireland. She lectures in direction and practical craft to film students at both undergraduate and masters level. She is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in film and visual studies in Queen's University Belfast.

As a cinematographer, she has shot feature documentaries, music videos, and dramas. The videos and short films she has shot have won awards at The Cork International Film Festival (Music Video Category), NIKON ‘I am a Music Video’ Award and The Radar Music Video Awards. They have also played at the Raindance Film Festival, Galway Film Fleadh, Berlin Music Video Awards and received honorable mention from the Irish Council for Civil Liberties.

Joris Hoogeboom

Joris Hoogeboom
Joris Hoogeboom is a multi-disciplinary designer whose projects are situated somewhere along the spectrum of design, art and technology. He holds a BSc. and MSc. in Architecture, Urbanism and the building sciences from the Technical University of Delft. During his studies he explored creating interactive environments as part of a collaboration with the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. His work explores using interactive objects to augment our perception of and interaction with our surroundings.
One of his most well known works is [Buqs]( in a collaboration with Teun Verkerk: Buqs are a swarm of autonomous, electronic lifeforms that invade surfaces in the built environment to use them for the creation of sounds. By exploring the materiality of the city as an instrument these lifeforms shift the experience of the street scape from the primarily visual towards intimate auditory experiences emphasising the physical. Buqs attempts to reinterpret the material qualities and restore this relation of sound between humans and their environment.
More recently he worked on a VR-game in order to train technicians in the new extension of the port of Rotterdam, which is now completely automated environment. This redefines the role of a traditional dockworker having to cope with a robotic but not necessarily sentient environment. The game aims to increase safety by allowing technicians to play complex scenarios to in a virtual environment. The most recent project was a commission by the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft and a collaboration with Bouwe de Planque. The installation, a series of kinetic lamps offers feedback on the energy performance of a space in an intuitive way manner and visually manifests the impact of behavioural changes of its users. In this way the installation attempts to achieve behavioural changes with the users of the building by offering a kind of feedback loop.
His work has been shown in several exhibitions including: TodaysArt Festival, The Hague; Insomnia Festival, Tromsø; FutureEverything, Manchester, UK; TodaysArt.JP, Tokyo; National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow; TADAEX, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran; ICAS Festival, Dresden.

Justin Lepard

Justin Lepard

Justin Lepard is a cellist, improviser, and songwriter. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the  University of Nebraska-Lincoln, his principal teachers being Gregory Beaver for classical music and Darryl White for jazz. He has always explored music through a multi-faceted approach, bringing strong classical technique, improvisation, and stylistic diversity to his sound. Over the last few years he has travelled to six countries, including Canada, Germany, and Switzerland, to perform as an improviser and experimental musician. His time on tour with the Lucerne Festival Young Performance Ensemble, which worked closely with MIT’s Media Lab, inspired him to delve into the technological side of music-making, and now he aspires both to hone his particular brand of cello playing and bring it to stage and studio collaborations.

Caitlin Pickall

Caitlin Pickall

Caitlin Pickall is a multimedia installation artist. She combines audiovisual and constructed elements with sensors and custom software to create reactive objects and environments that address material culture, social rituals and processes of meaning-creation. Her work explores the mental concepts used to define self and experience and the relationships between these constructs, physical objects and environment/space. Her recent work has investigated the nature of liminal space, where traditional definitions of self and place are suspended or negated as a prelude to the reconstitution of new identities and/or relationships.


Born in the United States, she has lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Berlin. She holds an M.F.A. in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago. Her work has been shown at Parsons Paris, Maison des Arts de Créteil and Fondation Galeries Lafayette, Paris.

Linus Riepler

Linus Riepler

Linus Riepler was born in Vöcklabruck, Austria and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In his artistic practice, Linus Riepler creates scenes. Sometimes they become room filling installations, some other times they appear as dioramas inside small display boxes.

Most of Linus Riepler’s works have their origin in his personal memories. This can be a memory of a certain place, an object or a situation. At the beginning of every work stands the reconstruction of mentioned object or event. Soon the real life memories get combined with completely imaginary inventions and grow into something fictional. Storytelling is a big part of his practice.

After working on usable and participatory sculptures, it was a natural development to build walk-in objects and finally room-filling installations. A big fascination for theatre stage settings influenced many of his works. This lead him to create the stage design for an open air theatre in Stockerau, Austria in 2015 (Festspiele Stockerau).

Linus Riepler has shown his works in several solo and group exhibitions, including Galerie Krinzinger, Kunst Haus Wien, 15. Biennale de la Mediterranée in Thessaloniki, MUSA Vienna, OÖ Kunstverein in Linz, Austrian Culture Forum Washington DC, Penelope New York City and Sightfenster (Galerie Warhus Rittershaus, Cologne).

Linus Riepler received the Theodor Körner Award and the Heinrich Gleissner Scholarship Award for his work.

Rae Lavande Pellerin

Rae Lavande Pellerin is a multi-media artist who grew up between Los Angeles, California and the small rural town of les Éboulements, Québec. She has recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Montreal’s Concordia University, and employs mainly photography, text, video and web-based mediums to create narratives drawn from her surroundings. Her works explore the intersection between the real and the fictional, and generally reference themes such as memory, family, history and human emotion. Her practice often alludes to the mystical and the folkloric, frequently containing elements of ritual and storytelling, and stems from a desire to discover physical and mental impressions left behind in places, objects, and minds. She is interested in the fragmentary knowledge we have about each other and ourselves, and her work is an attempt to bring forward poetry, complexity and history, while fostering connection and dialogue between individuals.

Her work has been featured in many Montreal galleries, including Galerie Donald Browne, Galerie Espace, Galerie SKOL and Galerie Un Un Huit Un. It has been showcased as part of the Art Matters festival as well as the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspésie, and featured in publications such as Interfold Magazine, PhotoEd Magazine and Yiara Magazine, as well as the Concordia Photography Collective’s bi-annual perspective on student work. The crowdsourced nature of the project “Things that someone told me” was expanded upon in a live interview on CBC’s HomeRun, and her artwork is part of private collections within the United States and Canada.

A.M. Darke


A.M. Darke is a media artist and game developer. She wrote An Open Letter to Oculus Founder, Palmer Luckey.

With a B.F.A. in Design and an M.F.A. in Media Arts. she is a long-time resident of the UCLA Game Lab and a co-founder of Voidlab, a feminist art and tech collective.

Exceptionally curious and thrive on problem solving, in the last 5 years she has…

  • done performance art
  • made board games
  • built electronics
  • made a card game
  • won some awards
  • exhibited in four countries
  • made some ceramics
  • did some lifecasting
  • made some Unity games
  • built a custom controller
  • printed some zines
  • coded a spoof dating site
  • taught some classes
  • published an article
  • landed a residency
  • shared a stage with John Carmack

…and harnessed the power of humor to tackle difficult and personal subject matter.

Current exploits include a few VR projects, including a dental simulator, a first person sim about life with lobster claws for hands, and a game Ars Technica describes as a grocery-based Gear VR game, which is probably pretty accurate.

Matt Henderson

Matt Henderson


Matt Henderson is a multidisciplinary artist melding installation art, music production, film, performance art, and virtual reality. He started a DIY performance venue and living space in Portland, OR called Xhurch which caters to the experimental artist community. After co-directing the M.A.S.S. music & performance series he became enamored with virtual reality as a robust creative medium. He organized a group of digital and new media artists under the banner of Portland Immersive Media Group and continues to explore the potential of experiential art using computers and virtual reality systems.

Margaret Kearney

Margaret Kearney

Margaret Kearney is an artist, designer, and teacher. Her work in fabric, paint, and moments for interaction seeks to create opportunities for shared experience and imagination. Her work is both despondent about the unjust realities of the present and joyful about the possibility for people to live their best lives when given the right chances to succeed. She takes all the beauty and the mess of living and stews it together to see what can come out, unflinchingly hoping for the best.

She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, where she earned a BFA in Textile Design. Margaret lives in Philadelphia, PA where she is a teaching artist and lead artist with Mural Arts Philadelphia.


Rachel Stuckey

Rachel Stuckey as Estrin TideRachel Stuckey is a moving image artist who works with video and new media to question, parody, and endorse technology's influence on human bodies, minds, and systems of belief. Her work crossbreeds new media with analog media and New Ageism with technophilia. Currently she is exploring transhumanism, technopaganism, and xenofeminism through performative video, multi-sensory installations, and VR mindhacking sessions.

Stuckey lives in Austin, TX where she curates screenings for Experimental Response Cinema and runs the Welcome to my Guest Room Digital Artist Residency Program at She holds an MFA in Transmedia Studio Art from The University of Texas and a BFA in Filmmaking from the University of Colorado. Her work has shown in Houston, Nashville, Chicago, Providence, New York, Milwaukee, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Prague, Ljubljana and elsewhere. This winter she will be artist-in-residence at Signal Culture in Owego, NY and the Media Archaeology Lab in Boulder, CO.

Shuangshuang Huo

Shuangshuang Huo

Shuangshuang Huo is an interaction designer and new media artist. She got a bachelor's degree in film and TV in China and completed MFA degree in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design in New York. She had been working as full-time UI/UX designer and freelance videographer, but she is also passionate about exploring the possibilities of the integration of technology and conceptual art. With a deep interest, she tries to communicate ideas or information through creating engaging and layered artistic experiences.

Her artwork has been showcased in NYC Media Lab 2015 Summit Demo Day (the Second Prize winner), ACE 2015 Conference (12th International Conference in Advances of Computer, Entertainment and Technology) in Malaysia with a design paper included in ACM (The Association for Computing Machinery) Digital Library, and CoInvent Pulse 2015 Tech Festival in New York.


Working as a graphic designer and her experience in real time video performance for a decade in New York City has strongly influenced her artistic practice, shifting it from a one-way communication channel with the audience into a full experience that uses technology to establish a moment of co-creation with the public.
Her work creates what she describes as the symphony of light: creating minimalist geometric shapes and visuals that explore in dark space and inviting people to reinvent themselves through the relationship between objects and images. Light and sound are the main elements she uses in her installations, which are ultimately a visual performance that experimenting improvisational communication and immediate interaction with the audience in real time.
Her work has shown in numerous international venues and festivals, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art and Design, NY Hall of Science, Eyebeam, Harvestworks, the Hammer Museum, San Francisco Art Institute, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Museo Regional de Guadalajara, Matadero Madrid, and International Biennial Contemporary Art ULA-2010, Mapping Festival, Mutek, Dumbo Art Festival and among others.

Bryan Leister

Bryan Leister(Photo by Martirene Alcantara)
Bryan Leister works across a broad range of media reflecting his education in design and his career as an illustrator and artist.  His illustration work has appeared on the cover of Time, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Der Spiegel and the Atlantic Monthly. He has won over 100 awards from competitions such as Communication Arts,  AIGA, Graphis, PRINT, including gold and silver medals from the Society of Illustrators in NYC. His oil paintings are in the collections of The Museum of American Art, The District of Columbia Historical society, Kohler, Celestial Seasonings, James River Paper Company, Blue Cross Blue Shields and many private collections.
His installations and animations have been exhibited at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI, Parthenon Museum Nashville, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities and The Corcoran Gallery of Art. He has collaborated with modern and contemporary ballet dance companies for performances at The Kennedy Center Millenium Stage in Washington DC, Perfomatica in Mexico and at the King Center, Atlas Center for the Arts, Lone Tree Arts Center and Lakewood Cultural Center in Colorado.
His animated shorts have screened in festivals including the Altanta Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, New York Underground Film Festival, Brooklyn Arts Film Festival, the Chicago Underground Film Festival and includes a juror's award at the Black Maria Film Festival. His most recent work in experimental video art game and design has been exhibited at Redline Denver, Walker Fine Art, Plus Gallery, Media Arts Festival in Colorado, IndieCade West in California and internationally as part of Data Canvas - Sense your City. Many of these works can be downloaded from Google Play and/or the Apple App store.
Leister currently works from his studio in Denver, Colorado and is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver where he teaches Digital Design. He received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MFA in Art and Visual Technology from George Mason University.



Daniel studied fine art at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht in

The Netherlands and pedagogy at Umeå University in Sweden. Anna
received her BFA from Umeå Art Academy and MFA from Pratt Institute,
New York supported by her Fulbright Scholarship. In 2014 she graduated
from a.pass, a yearlong post-master program in performance art in
Brussels, Belgium.

Rydh/Sörenson have been invited artists-in-residence in Bains
Connective, Bryssel, Belgium, Laboratory Spokane, USA and Tjørnuvík
Artist House in Faroe Islands. We have been exhibited in Ten
Weyngaert, the gallery space in Commune de Forest’s culture center in
Brussels, Saranac Art Projects in Spokane including a public
installation for Window Dressing, Spokane. We have also showed our
work with Ed Varie in New York, USA, during NADA art fair.

They are proud to announce our upcoming show in Los Angeles with Ed
Varie, January 2017 and first museum exhibition at The Nordic House,
Faroe Islands, February 2017.,

Elsa Philippe


Elsa Philippe is a french artist working between London and Paris, she is interested in the development of the human self in contemporary cultures, and especially in the ways we use images through communication technologies to serve the cult of the self. Her work portrays a burlesque vision of narcissistic behaviors and the ways new technologies affect our daily life rituals. She creates a digital and chaotic universe in which its garishly colorful and excessive aesthetic depicts an absurd and grotesque experience of the world and deals with the comic sensibility of contemporary society and its evolution.

preMADE Team

preMade Team

Aleksandra Dutkowska
She stopped training as a windsurfer to completely focus on her Art Studies, focusing on drawing and painting at first. After college, she spent a year at the University of Warsaw studying French, soon being drawn to The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her artistic interests mainly consider humanity, society and conceptualism. Seeking new methods of expressing herself, she discovered interactive art in 2012 and has worked in cooperation with Aleksandra Łukasiak ever since. Other fields of art she takes interest in include sculpture and photography.

Aleksandra Łukasiak
Art has been an intrinsic part of her for her entire life. Starting with drawing concepts of posters and graphical design, she quickly developed a love for digital art. She was naturally drawn to 3D modeling and working in game design as a hobby. In 2011, she won the Imagine Cup in the Game Design category with a game based around an interactive book. One her second year of studying in The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, she starting cooperating with Aleksandra Dutkowska. With only one Kinect and a lot of determination, she started learning to write code and create installations. A combination of creative coding and interactive art can create an endless pool of fantastic art that has the potential to stun, amaze and inspire people which she believes is the most rewarding feeling ever.

We are an art duo that has been working together for the last two years. We are in our final year of study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. Our interests range from new media arts like interactive art using the Kinect, coding, and work involving the arduino software. We have also used more  traditional medias like streaming and internet art. We try to utilise these medias for the purposes of discovery, examination and interaction with society. We Also use more physical methods of art, like a tesla coil. Our work is focused on interactions with people and participatory exhibitons and installations that allow us to build dialogues with people and present our own perspectives. Our latest work involves a temporary streaming performance called “Panopticon”.

Hye Yeon Nam

Hye Yeon Nam is a digital media artist working on interactive installations and performance video. She holds a Ph.D. in digital media from Georgia Institute of Technology, an M.F.A. in digital media from Rhode Island School of Design, and a B.F.A. in Information Design from Ewha Womans University. She foregrounds the complexity of social relationships by making the familiar strange, and interpreting everyday behaviors in performative ways. Hye Yeon's art has been showcased in The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C, Times Square, the art gallery Eyebeam and The Tank, the conflux, the D.U.M.B.O. Art Festival in New York, FILE, SIGGRAPH , CHI, ISEA, E3 Expo, the Lab in San Francisco, and several festivals in China, Istanbul, Ireland, the UK, Germany, Australia, Denmark, and Switzerland. Her work has been broadcast on the Discovery Channel (Canada) and LIVE TV show Good Day Sacramento, published in Leonardo Journal and featured in Wired, We Make Money Not Art, Makezine, Business InsiderSlashdot, Engadget among other publications.

Samwell Freeman

Samwell FreemanSamwell Freeman is an artist and research scientist working at the intersection of computer vision, digital art, and machine learning.  He worked as a researcher at Apple, developing software for large-scale construction of 3D images. In 2014, he completed a PhD in Computer Science, at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His thesis proposed algorithms for the discovery of regular and fractal patterns in laser scans of Upper Manhattan. Along the way, he taught math and programming courses at Hunter College for undergraduates and led workshops on interactive art, Arduino, 3D modeling and printing at Alpha One Labs, a hacker-space in Brooklyn.

His artwork has been exhibited at Ideas City of The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, Artscape in Toronto, Canada, Maker's Faires in Connecticut, New York and California, Figment Detroit, Seton Hall University, New York University, Flux Factory, Burning Man, and Dorkbot NYC.

Danny Bracken

Danny BrackenDanny Bracken’s creative practice explores interactions between video, sound, and physical space, ranging from immersive, multi-sensory installations to small-scale sculptures. Born into a family of musicians, sound occupies a central role in his work; finding a place in film scores, installations, and stand-alone recordings. At the heart of these investigations lies an interest in the relationship between humans, the natural world, and technology. Throughout the work he explores the ways in which technology has shifted how we perceive and experience the people and places that surround us. Bracken’s music further extends this dialogue, examining the tenuous balance between digital possibility and human impression, creating in a context that is constantly shifting between analog and digital realms.

Dorianne Wotton

Dorianne WottonLiving on a remote way of life, I am based in Paris. I emphasize a multidisciplinary approach : digital art, photography, video, motion design, creative coding…

Swiss Army knife of image, I am interested in everything that concerns « images ».
Ever since childhood I've practised various means of expression and it is by chance and as a self-taught person that I started photography in 2007. I realized that it is a powerful medium which would allow me to re-create the images that are in my mind.. After that, I have been quickly interested in the production of video clips and then digital art. Then, I developed a multidisciplinary approach, in particular through generative art installations (mixing audio and visual creations). I became interested in these mediums because of the need to explore various modes of expression.
I am a co-founder and artistic director of the laboratory "L:ED (Experiments in Digital") dedicated to digital arts. The group aims to promote the creation, promotion and distribution of multimedia artistic works. The art direction is based on multidisciplinary performances and installations. Each project tends to mix the disciplines, to highlight the tenuous nature of the borders between them for the artists and the spectators to get rich intermingling of these. Thus I get used to regularly partnering with many artists and performers (dancers, actors, musicians, etc.) to propose new performance incorporating interactive technologies.
The guideline of my work is diversion of objects and things of the purpose for which they were designed to divert preconceptions. This is hacking in the first sense. In addition, I am working on confusion, mental disorder and its manifestations.
Enthusiast for DIY, I make the most of my “digital” learning "on the job", with guidance, advice and criticism from various professionals. I am not limited by graphics formats or by taboos. Grain, blur, textures, overprinting deformation, accidents. I make everything possible with the processes I use.
My work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions, projections and installations in France and abroad (Europe, Canada, United States, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, etc.) in recognized events or places with an international scope .

Ilaria Ortensi

Through different media and strategies Ilaria Ortensi's work investigates the construction and representation of contemporary space. She uses both documentation and fiction to create images that viewers are encouraged to question. Recent works have investigated iconic residential urban sites (Windows, 2014), and ideas implied in the creation of virtual space (Variations, 2015, and Synchronic Stream, 2015). Ortensi work has been featured in New York in exhibitions at The Jewish Museum, Fisher Landau Center for Art and Judith Charles Gallery. Born in Italy in 1982 she received her MFA from Columbia University and is currently part of the Hercules Art/Studio Program in New York City.


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SexCakeMonster is a costume and performance team based in Melbourne, Australia and comprised of Lolly Ruby Redpath and Sorjeri Tane. These two creatives met in 2010, surrounded by giant dragons in an airline hanger and working for the Creature Technology Company and Dreamworks. Their mutual love for the beautiful and the grotesque, the colourful and the natural set them on a path of creation that incorporates costume, fashion, puppetry and performance. Through their work, SexCakeMonster seek to integrate the complex beautiful elements of nature with the human form. They delight in highlighting the ridiculous and awkward aspects of our natural world, as well as reveling in the awe inspiring beauty offered to us. Their work is highly influenced by process, materials and collaborative efforts and supported by a decade of technical fabrication skills. Most recently they have begun to incorporate led technology into their costumes with a focus on creating suspension of disbelief within spectacle.

TJ Ediger


TJ Ediger is (currently) a 26 year old artist living in Nova Scotia whose work focuses on technology, data manipulation, and stuff on the internet. He plans to continue making things and breaking things.

Summer Residency Resource

For our Summer '18 session, we're interested in projects and proposals that explore our region, so we've done a bit of pre-exploring for you! We've talked with our partners at the Library, at Visit Spokane, and others, and here are some of the sights, history, and pieces of our region we find fascinating. We're based in Spokane, so this list is going to be kind of Spokane-centric. Still, we're interested in our whole region, from the Cascade mountains in the west to the Rocky Mountains in the east.


Important to note, especially for those outside our region, Seattle and western Washington are NOT in our region of interest, so we don't want to see a bunch of proposals about rainy weather - we're actually borderline desert out here. Also, be careful if you're interested in exploring Native American culture, since the most internationally-prominent Pacific Northwest indigenous culture (formlines and totem poles) tends to come from coastal tribes, vs. our local plateau tribes.

Luke Sturgeon

Luke Sturgeon (b. 1984) is based in London with extensive experience in the design of interactive experiences, services and tools. Through artistic exploration, collaboration, teaching and multi-disciplinary research his work finds ways to perceive the invisible world around us with a focus on the digitisation of reality, self-perception and the perceptions of others. His work has been published and exhibited internationally at events and venues including CIID, Royal College of Art, Laboratory Spokane, Science Museum London, ThisHappened, and xCoAx. His practise includes exhibitions, workshops, presentations and teaching. He is a visiting lecturer and interaction design tutor at University of Hertfordshire, visiting faculty at CIID, and is currently pursuing an MA in Design Interactions from Royal College of Art.

His work provides alternative perspectives on the role of design as a research and development tool, to investigate human nature in relation to emerging technologies. Working between science, technology and human nature his work often takes the form of interventions, prototypes, installations, and hyperrealities. Combining the mundane, the fantastical, the real and the imaginary to construct fictional narratives, scenarios and tools for experience that question the technological status quo and provoke individual reflection.

Minso Kim

Minso Kim is a multimedia artist who investigates the influence of individual and environmental interactions. Overall, her work is situated at the center of emotions, translations and technologies.

She has been attracted to the human relationship and interactions between languages and environments based on sound, observing the moments when we use digital devices in the every day and articulating the digital records. Her key element is reintroducing sets of digital records to the real-, analogue-, world via artwork. Her work is about using the sound of emotional words in diverse languages and its presentation of shared and non-shared feelings, as well as collecting and discerning environmental sounds from cities and nature as a resource for her artwork.

Her work has been shown in diverse international group shows and exhibitions in the field of the contemporary arts. Minso graduated with an MFA degree from Art and Technology Studies at School of the Arts Institute of Chicago and studied traditional painting, drawing and museum studies at Seoul Women’s University, Korea.

Amanda R. Wallace

Amanda R. WallaceAmanda R. Wallace (born in Dallas, TX); MFA Photography, Video & Related Media, School of Visual Arts, 2011; BA Psychology, Visual Arts, Rice University, 2008

I am a multidisciplinary-interested artist currently based in Dallas, TX. My current artistic projects and experiments utilize the various tools related to media and lens-based arts. This includes photography, performance, digital collage, video and other time-based formats.

In a sense, cultural identity and acceptance are based on the remnants of speech and texts gathered and carried in various pockets of the brain throughout time. Thus, they are the primary means for creating the associations and typologies we form, which leads to the physical identity assignments we give others and ourselves, as well as inform how we “perform” daily in life, whether at home, work, the public, or online via social media. My work relies on a variety of histories: familial history, cultural history, racial history, and social history. I am interested in how the roles that science and psychology impact and interplay with these histories and subsequent identity formations.

Currently, the limited, yet continuously perpetuated stereotyping and its related implications of African American identity are fundamental to many of my photographic, text-based and time-based pieces. Within most pieces, there is a romanticized, and quite possibly fanatical, but sincerely intentional, solution seeking desire for simpler, less judgmental human interactions via cultural mediations through art.

Jessica Ann

Jessica AnnJessica Ann is currently pursuing an MFA in Art & Technology at The Ohio State University. Her interests span a variety of media, including organic material and living organisms, video, code, electronics, and the internet. She aggregates these media via eclectic forms that often take shape as kinetic sculptures and interactive installations. The resulting work reflects a desire to understand how and why a life mediated by technology is changing what it means to be a body.

Regina Larre Campuzano

Regina CampuzanoRegina Larre Campuzano is a freelance graphic designer and digital media artist from Mexico City, Mexico. She graduated Oberlin College where she studied cinema and music technology. She is the co-founder of Flor Veinte Collective, a group of womyn artists dedicated to promoting gender equality in music through performance and education. Her work reflects her fascination with the physical properties of sound and light waves, and seeks to contextualize unconventional source material within more familiar pop culture forms.

Devin Frenze

I am an audio and visual artist from Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. I just graduated from the dual-degree program at Oberlin College and Conservatory (’15) majoring in Computer Science and Composition. In 2013 I co-founded Real Boy Digital (, a company that designs audio reactive and interactive projections for concerts. Recently, RBD won a grant from Oberlin to support our trip to perform in Burning Man at the end of this summer. Other projects include Phantom Power, my solo no-input mixing project which grew into a no-input mixing ensemble at Oberlin, Wisseler, a four-piece electronic audiovisual improvisation group, and semble N, a new music ensemble dedicated to playing work by living composers. For the past three years I worked for Oberlin Concert Sound doing live sound engineering. I learn a lot by focusing on improvised/real-time projects as much as notated/fixed media, and each informs the other. I’m especially interested in the relationships between humans/technology, sight/sound, expression/ego, audience/ownership, and noise/organization. I’m also very interested in using computers to create art that straddles the boundaries imposed by our perceptual and physical faculties.

Yang Wang X Zhenzhen Qi


Yang Wang is a new media artist and creative technologist. He was born and raised in mainland China. He developed a keen interest in philosophy and art under the influence of his parents when he was in middle school. He went to Beijing to study artistic design At 2012; he went to New York University to study new media arts. He gained his experience in creative coding and digital fabrication from I.T.P (Interactive Telecommunication Program.

Zhenzhen Qi is an artist, researcher, and designer. Born in mainland China, she has lived in Hong Kong, San Francisco, and most recently New York. She is the co-founder and principal designer of NY based design studio, ZZYW.

Both growing up in China, Yang and Zhenzhen experienced the economy booming and rapid life changing from 90s to 2010s in Mainland China, as well as the all the weirdness and utterly intense competition between modern young Chinese people. In their work, they employ the emerging new media technologist like biofeedback virtual reality, 3d printing to create immersive and surreal experience for their audience. In the virtual world they created for the audience, the reality is shifted, assumptions are broken, the boundary between the outside world and inner self is blurred. By the experience, the artists bring up the questions, how human identify itself, how we could learn about what we don't know, how knowledge is possible.

Sabrina Barrios

Barrios_Sabrina_portrait2Sabrina Barrios was born and raised in the south of Brazil, where she studied Graphic Design (2004). She also lived in London and São Paulo, where she worked with editorial design at MTV and Globo-Condé Nast. In 2009 Sabrina moved to New York and completed her Masters degree in Fine Arts at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute (2012). In 2012 and 2013, the artist traveled with her collaborative, Hide-and-Seek, making and showing art–in Berlin, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro.

Sabrina's work is presented in several mediums: paintings, drawings, videos and installations, though they all deal with a single concept, that questions reality, time, space and the choices one makes throughout life–that might have an effect on other people's trajectories. Her research on psychology, quantum mechanics and ancient history is a solid base for her conceptual work. Participation of the audience is important and the 3D drawings (geometric structures/installations) that Sabrina creates, allow people to navigate inside of an instant in time. A thought, frozen at the exact moment a decision is being made, is where they walk towards.

Atif Akin

Atif AkinAtif Akin (1979, Turkey) is an artist and designer. His work has been shown in numerous online and offline group shows and in international collective projects in the field of contemporary art, science and politics.

Having completed programs in engineering and design at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, and New Media Art in Berlin, he has been teaching worldwide since 2006. He is currently a member of the Visual Arts Department faculty at Rutgers University.

The content of his work is the outcome of various visual research processes, scientific, natural or architectural. As an artist he has produced photographs, videos, multimedia installations. His solo work is listed in the Younger Than Jesus art directory of the New Museum, published by Phaidon.

Currently he is working Mutant Space, a large scope research driven art/design project on radioactivity and nuclear power production.

Cinthia Galán

Cinthia GalánCinthia Galán (1990, Mexico) is a multimedia artist. Studied Animation and Digital Art at Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico. Being more interested in Multimedia she moved to Portugal in 2013 and attended the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Porto.

Her practice is based in the combination of visual art as an important tool to express and impact the rest, taking as a medium the internal and external perception of hers and others in order to understand the basic human communication and how we developed with each other. Creating new sensations and ways to express the human relationships are the ways she wants to affect the people no matter their cultural background, in order to make one bridge of communication for everyone.

Shamar Brown

Shamar Brown

Shamar Brown is a multimedia artist inspired by nature and humanity’s capacity for creative expression.  After studying fashion design and digital design at Parsons School of Design and The University of Florida, travelling extensively, and serving as a volunteer hospital artist in the Shands Arts In Medicine program, she turned her attention to founding a company dedicated to serving people through the arts.  Bikalla is the manifestation of this vision where she offers classes and events that weave together art, fitness, ritual and health.