Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff

preMADE Team

preMade Team

Aleksandra Dutkowska
She stopped training as a windsurfer to completely focus on her Art Studies, focusing on drawing and painting at first. After college, she spent a year at the University of Warsaw studying French, soon being drawn to The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her artistic interests mainly consider humanity, society and conceptualism. Seeking new methods of expressing herself, she discovered interactive art in 2012 and has worked in cooperation with Aleksandra Łukasiak ever since. Other fields of art she takes interest in include sculpture and photography.

Aleksandra Łukasiak
Art has been an intrinsic part of her for her entire life. Starting with drawing concepts of posters and graphical design, she quickly developed a love for digital art. She was naturally drawn to 3D modeling and working in game design as a hobby. In 2011, she won the Imagine Cup in the Game Design category with a game based around an interactive book. One her second year of studying in The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, she starting cooperating with Aleksandra Dutkowska. With only one Kinect and a lot of determination, she started learning to write code and create installations. A combination of creative coding and interactive art can create an endless pool of fantastic art that has the potential to stun, amaze and inspire people which she believes is the most rewarding feeling ever.

We are an art duo that has been working together for the last two years. We are in our final year of study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. Our interests range from new media arts like interactive art using the Kinect, coding, and work involving the arduino software. We have also used more  traditional medias like streaming and internet art. We try to utilise these medias for the purposes of discovery, examination and interaction with society. We Also use more physical methods of art, like a tesla coil. Our work is focused on interactions with people and participatory exhibitons and installations that allow us to build dialogues with people and present our own perspectives. Our latest work involves a temporary streaming performance called “Panopticon”.

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