Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff

Minso Kim

Minso Kim is a multimedia artist who investigates the influence of individual and environmental interactions. Overall, her work is situated at the center of emotions, translations and technologies.

She has been attracted to the human relationship and interactions between languages and environments based on sound, observing the moments when we use digital devices in the every day and articulating the digital records. Her key element is reintroducing sets of digital records to the real-, analogue-, world via artwork. Her work is about using the sound of emotional words in diverse languages and its presentation of shared and non-shared feelings, as well as collecting and discerning environmental sounds from cities and nature as a resource for her artwork.

Her work has been shown in diverse international group shows and exhibitions in the field of the contemporary arts. Minso graduated with an MFA degree from Art and Technology Studies at School of the Arts Institute of Chicago and studied traditional painting, drawing and museum studies at Seoul Women’s University, Korea.

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