Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff

Luke Sturgeon

Luke Sturgeon (b. 1984) is based in London with extensive experience in the design of interactive experiences, services and tools. Through artistic exploration, collaboration, teaching and multi-disciplinary research his work finds ways to perceive the invisible world around us with a focus on the digitisation of reality, self-perception and the perceptions of others. His work has been published and exhibited internationally at events and venues including CIID, Royal College of Art, Laboratory Spokane, Science Museum London, ThisHappened, and xCoAx. His practise includes exhibitions, workshops, presentations and teaching. He is a visiting lecturer and interaction design tutor at University of Hertfordshire, visiting faculty at CIID, and is currently pursuing an MA in Design Interactions from Royal College of Art.

His work provides alternative perspectives on the role of design as a research and development tool, to investigate human nature in relation to emerging technologies. Working between science, technology and human nature his work often takes the form of interventions, prototypes, installations, and hyperrealities. Combining the mundane, the fantastical, the real and the imaginary to construct fictional narratives, scenarios and tools for experience that question the technological status quo and provoke individual reflection.

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