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Joris Hoogeboom

Joris Hoogeboom
Joris Hoogeboom is a multi-disciplinary designer whose projects are situated somewhere along the spectrum of design, art and technology. He holds a BSc. and MSc. in Architecture, Urbanism and the building sciences from the Technical University of Delft. During his studies he explored creating interactive environments as part of a collaboration with the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. His work explores using interactive objects to augment our perception of and interaction with our surroundings.
One of his most well known works is [Buqs]( in a collaboration with Teun Verkerk: Buqs are a swarm of autonomous, electronic lifeforms that invade surfaces in the built environment to use them for the creation of sounds. By exploring the materiality of the city as an instrument these lifeforms shift the experience of the street scape from the primarily visual towards intimate auditory experiences emphasising the physical. Buqs attempts to reinterpret the material qualities and restore this relation of sound between humans and their environment.
More recently he worked on a VR-game in order to train technicians in the new extension of the port of Rotterdam, which is now completely automated environment. This redefines the role of a traditional dockworker having to cope with a robotic but not necessarily sentient environment. The game aims to increase safety by allowing technicians to play complex scenarios to in a virtual environment. The most recent project was a commission by the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft and a collaboration with Bouwe de Planque. The installation, a series of kinetic lamps offers feedback on the energy performance of a space in an intuitive way manner and visually manifests the impact of behavioural changes of its users. In this way the installation attempts to achieve behavioural changes with the users of the building by offering a kind of feedback loop.
His work has been shown in several exhibitions including: TodaysArt Festival, The Hague; Insomnia Festival, Tromsø; FutureEverything, Manchester, UK; TodaysArt.JP, Tokyo; National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow; TADAEX, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran; ICAS Festival, Dresden.
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