Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff

Info for Local Artists

If you live in the Spokane region, can you apply for Laboratory?


We’re always excited to work with local artists, and expanding the skills and ideas of our community are core to our work. There are two ways we generally work with artists in the area:

  1. Apply to the residency! We’ve had 3 Spokanites-in-residence so far, and it’s been super fun to have them. There are a couple of things to know about this option:
    • We do require artists-in-residence to be physically in residence, and living and sleeping at Laboratory. One of the things we try and do here is build a sense of community between our residents in a given cohort, and actually living together is an important element of that – it’s hard to build that feeling if half the cohort is only around part-time.
    • We have an expectation that residents be working full-time (30 hours a week) on their art while at Laboratory. Our vision of a residency is to provide time to focus somewhat monomaniacally on a project or idea in a space that gives you some distance from the stress and bustle of normal life. Practically, this means that we ask our residents to mostly be free of other work during this time.
  2. Do something more casual with us! Our residency is designed to be a pretty significant break from normal life, and comes with stuff like free rent and a living stipend. But, say you already have a house and food? We love working with people on interesting projects, and so if you’re looking for advice, help, or resources to make interactive work here in Spokane, reach out! While we’re limited at the residency to 4 slots based on the space we have, we’re pretty much always open to collaborations that don’t require us furnishing living space.