Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff


What kinds of artists can apply?

Laboratory is focused specifically on supporting the development of interactive art. So, we’re interested in artists whose work changes or reacts to audience participation, the changing environment, or other sources of real-time data. Because of this, we tend to have a lot of people who do digital/new media work, but we try hard to be open to other media too. Is your project a wall of paint that people are encouraged to come up and smudge around? A sculpture to be climbed on? Great! Basically, anything that actively involves the viewer, or relies on some kind of data, we’re all for it.

I’m still not sure if what I’m doing is interactive art.

Not actually a question, but that’s okay! If you’re not sure if what you’re wanting to do would be something we’d be interested in supporting, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to chat about your project and figure out if it’s a good fit before you spend all that time putting together an application.

I’m not from the US. Can I still apply?

Yes! With two important caveats:

1. We don’t really have the ability to help you with a visa – we’re a very small program, and we don’t really have much ability to help with immigration type things. That said, we’ve had international artists come, just on a tourist visa, and it’s worked out just fine. That brings us to…

2: We can’t pay the stipend to our international residents. There can be exceptions to this, but basically, if you don’t have authorization to work here in the US, we can’t pay you.  :(