Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff

Devin Frenze

I am an audio and visual artist from Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. I just graduated from the dual-degree program at Oberlin College and Conservatory (’15) majoring in Computer Science and Composition. In 2013 I co-founded Real Boy Digital (, a company that designs audio reactive and interactive projections for concerts. Recently, RBD won a grant from Oberlin to support our trip to perform in Burning Man at the end of this summer. Other projects include Phantom Power, my solo no-input mixing project which grew into a no-input mixing ensemble at Oberlin, Wisseler, a four-piece electronic audiovisual improvisation group, and semble N, a new music ensemble dedicated to playing work by living composers. For the past three years I worked for Oberlin Concert Sound doing live sound engineering. I learn a lot by focusing on improvised/real-time projects as much as notated/fixed media, and each informs the other. I’m especially interested in the relationships between humans/technology, sight/sound, expression/ego, audience/ownership, and noise/organization. I’m also very interested in using computers to create art that straddles the boundaries imposed by our perceptual and physical faculties.

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