Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff

Atif Akin

Atif AkinAtif Akin (1979, Turkey) is an artist and designer. His work has been shown in numerous online and offline group shows and in international collective projects in the field of contemporary art, science and politics.

Having completed programs in engineering and design at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, and New Media Art in Berlin, he has been teaching worldwide since 2006. He is currently a member of the Visual Arts Department faculty at Rutgers University.

The content of his work is the outcome of various visual research processes, scientific, natural or architectural. As an artist he has produced photographs, videos, multimedia installations. His solo work is listed in the Younger Than Jesus art directory of the New Museum, published by Phaidon.

Currently he is working Mutant Space, a large scope research driven art/design project on radioactivity and nuclear power production.

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