Laboratory Residency

Come spend 1-3 months making awesome stuff

Amanda R. Wallace

Amanda R. WallaceAmanda R. Wallace (born in Dallas, TX); MFA Photography, Video & Related Media, School of Visual Arts, 2011; BA Psychology, Visual Arts, Rice University, 2008

I am a multidisciplinary-interested artist currently based in Dallas, TX. My current artistic projects and experiments utilize the various tools related to media and lens-based arts. This includes photography, performance, digital collage, video and other time-based formats.

In a sense, cultural identity and acceptance are based on the remnants of speech and texts gathered and carried in various pockets of the brain throughout time. Thus, they are the primary means for creating the associations and typologies we form, which leads to the physical identity assignments we give others and ourselves, as well as inform how we “perform” daily in life, whether at home, work, the public, or online via social media. My work relies on a variety of histories: familial history, cultural history, racial history, and social history. I am interested in how the roles that science and psychology impact and interplay with these histories and subsequent identity formations.

Currently, the limited, yet continuously perpetuated stereotyping and its related implications of African American identity are fundamental to many of my photographic, text-based and time-based pieces. Within most pieces, there is a romanticized, and quite possibly fanatical, but sincerely intentional, solution seeking desire for simpler, less judgmental human interactions via cultural mediations through art.

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